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Cooking, Carving & ‘Chen Mian’ : Dining Chinese-style is truly a memorable, hands-on experience. Our team of expert Chinese Chefs create  traditional Chinese meals for your dinner audience and the preparation itself, in and amongst the diners is an exciting part of the experience.

Through our partnership with the Chinese Chef Association, vegetable carvings of exotic birds,  magnificent flowers and spectacular, colorful platters will leave your guests dazzled. The art of ‘Chen Mian’ – creating handmade Chinese noodles; involves the audience can become your event or show’s centerpiece.

Chen Mian : Chinese Chef’s use three pounds of dough to create a Noodle which will become as thin as human hair as the chef manipulates and works the dough as he moves throughout the audience. View the photos below and watch the dough transform into an incredible noodle.
The Noodle Chef prepares the noodle by shaking the dough up & down
When complete, the dough becomes as thin as human hair
Chefs perform the "Chinese Dragon Hair Noodle" in front of the guest’s table
U.S. First Lady Laura Bush is amazed by the Hair Noodle!

Food Carving : Expert Chinese Chefs carve flowers, birds and animals made from vegetables or ice idea to entertain your guests and to decorate your banquet tables. You will be astonished by the creativity and imagination of these talented chefs.
U.S. First Lady Laura bush enjoys a Dragon Carving by one of our Chinese Chefs
A Chinese Chef carefully carves flowers and birds at the Chicago Food Festival 2006
Everyone is amazed and entertained by the spectacular carving work of our chefs

Live Cooking Demonstrations : A big part of the Chinese dining experience is the preparation of your meal by our Chinese Chefs right in front of your eyes! Like a musician, they orchestrate the preparation of your meal with precision and accuracy appealing to both your sense of taste and visual beauty.
Chef servicing our famous dish "Roast Beijing Duck" to delighted guests
Chef flambés a roast beef as guests watch in amazement
Chefs serve BBQ baby pig for a table of guests
If you prefer, our Chefs can present buffet-style

Co-Operative Professional Exchanges : The Future Entertainment Group can arrange Chef Exchange Programs through the Chinese Chefs Association to provide professional development opportunities for your culinary staff.

We are also happy to work with you to customize a talent package from our entertainment resources that suits your particular needs, budget and expectations.
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Mask Theme Party
Asian Food Festival
Chef Exchange Program
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