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Breathtaking Acrobatics : Let’s look at a sample of incredible acrobatics performed by Chinese Opera has a history that dates back 800 years ago and were originally performed on a grand scale at the Imperial Palace or in temple courtyards during religious festivals and celebrations.

Chinese Opera provided entertainment only the wealthy could afford to engage including such as The Mask Change, Ling Zi Gong and Chinese Kungfu known for its incredible acrobatics and traditional Chinese costumes. (Move mouse on the photo to zoom in)

The Mask Change : You will be left speechless by this ancient Chinese dramatic art form. Performers wear brightly coloured costumes and artistically move to quick dramatic music. Your audience will be astonished as the performers vividly coloured faces are suddenly transformed within seconds to reveal a new and vibrant face.

Futurestar Entertainment Group provides you with the world’s most famous mask change performers such as Mr. Lee Wai who has performed in Las Vegas.
Magical Transformations from Mask to Mask in seconds
Spectacular Mask Change Blowing Fire

Lingzi Gong : This ancient Chinese Opera features the young handsome general who wears a head dress with a two meter bird tail. The performer creates music by manipulating the bird tail through the dance.
The Long Zi Gong performance will leave your audience mesmerized
The Incredible Long Zi Gong spectacle depicts the ancient Chinese culture

Chinese Martial Art Opera : The Chinese use Martial Arts to present dramatic plays and figures in the China Opera. With their colorful costumes, the Futurestar Entertainment Group’s performers will create a unique entertaining and unforgettable experience for your audiences.
Fantastic Fireworks
Incredible Costumes
Extraordinary Acrobatics

The Costume Exhibition Spectacular : One of the trademarks of every Chinese Opera is the incredible costume designs. Chinese costumes are unrivalled in their hand crafted stitching and vibrant colours. The Dragon Costumes featured are broidered using real gold which is virtually unheard of today.
Traditional Dragon Designs
Amazing Attention to Detail
Beautiful Vibrant Colors

Traditional Chinese Dancing : The colors, the music and the costumes are all beautifully enhanced through the art of traditional Chinese dancing. Years of training, discipline and a commitment to their craft are required to achieve the excellence that our performers provide for your audience.
The Thousand Arms & Hands of Buddha
Spectacular Scenery to Help Tell the Story
Impeccable Precision in every Performance
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